Stranded (part 1)

Brad's Description
views up her dress panties garter high-heels nylon stockings Sonia's truck has broken down on the side of a desolate mountain road. As she steps out of her truck, you can see that she is wearing vintage nylon stockings and white stiletto high-heels. Through her thin white dress you can see the outline of her garter and her white satin bikini panties underneath. She opens the hood and looks at the engine, then climbs up on the bumper, giving voyeuristic views up her dress. As she pokes around some more, the top button of her dress comes undone, revealing her pretty lacey bra and her breasts, almost spilling out of the cups. When she gets down on the ground to look under the truck, her dress slides up, giving even more revealing views of her panties and garter. Unable to find any obvious problem, she realizes she is stranded... and even worse... her pretty white dress is dirty! So she teeters on her high-heels, down to a nearby stream where she can wash up.
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