Stranded (part 2)

Brad's Description
white satin bikini panties garter belt stockings wet With dirt on her nice white dress and nylon stockings, Sonia takes advantage of the nearby stream to wash up. She takes off her white pumps and steps carefully into the stream in her stockinged feet. She gets on her knees and runs water over her dress to wash out the stains, then dips into the river with her dress still on, to rinse it out. When her breasts escape the cups of her bra, it's apparent that the water must be cold! She removes her dress. Then standing in the middle of the stream in just her white satin bikini panties, garter belt, and stockings, she finishes washing her dress in the chilly mountain water. Next, she washes out her stockings and her garterbelt as she kneels in the middle of the stream in just her soaking wet panties. Carrying her things to the river's edge, she steps out of her panties and rinses them in the stream before slipping back into them, and walking back to her truck in nothing but her high-heels and panties! Her truck may still be broken down, but now at least she'll be presentable when help arrives :-)
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