Baby Blue Dixie Belles

Brad's Description
Baby Blue Dixie Belles Sonia is dressed in the miniest of mini dresses with white stay-up thigh-highs and her 6-inch stiletto pumps. The dress is so small it has a difficult time keeping her bottom and her breasts covered. She picks up a silky pair of baby blue Dixie Belle brief panties and lays down on her bed. She lifts her legs up and slips her feet into the silky panties, sliding them up her stocking covered legs. The look on her face tells you that the sensuous material makes her feel sexy. She takes of one of her high-heels and rolls her stocking down, peeling it off her shapely leg, then does the same with the other, before putting her heels back on. Her dress is so short, that her tanned bare legs are now revealed all the way up to her baby blue Dixie Belle panties, with which Sonia teases and plays for the remainder of the photo set!
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