Changing Panties

Brad's Description
Changing Panties As an adolescent boy, how many times did you dream of seeing a beautiful grown woman changing her panties? Well I don't know about you, but as for me... LOTS! In this photo set, we watch Sonia do just that. She is in her bathroom, looking through some new lingerie she has just purchased. She tries on a beautiful and oh-so-feminine pair of Olga floral print full-cut brief panties. She steps into them and draws the silky nylon material up her legs (which, incidentally, are covered in the finest vintage RHT stockings). Her flowered panties show clearly through the sheer nightgown she is wearing as she moves about the bathroom. After slowly peeling her panties down to her ankles, she reaches into her shopping bag and selects another pair of full-cut Olga briefs. This pair is a beautiful pale green. Oh my God! I pinch myself, barely believing that my fantasy is coming true, as I watch her changing panties!
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