Pink Panty Window Washer

Brad's Description
Looking Up her Skirt pink see-through panties Sonia has picked some very sexy clothes for washing windows. Her little black pleated mini-skirt barely covers her butt. So every time she bends over or climbs up the ladder, you can see her pretty little see-through pink nylon panties. And when the wind blows her skirt up, you can see everything! This entire photo set is a voyeur's delight. It has lots of vivid and revealing panty peeking pictures as well as some great shots of Sonia's big sexy breasts in her thin tight sweater showing off her perky nipples. And when she bends and stretches, her nipples even pop out of the low-cut neckline. Sonia is so sexy in this photo set, doing all of those things we wish we could catch a woman doing in public. These are the kind of teasing pictures that drive me crazy!
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