Vanity Fair Half-Slip & Camisole

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Vanity Fair Half-Slip Camisole Nylon Stockings High-Heels
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Sonia is the perfect vision of a sexy housewife in this photo set. Busy working in her kitchen, Sonia fails to notice her white Vanity Fair half-slip is showing from the bottom of her black dress. She's also too busy to notice you (the neighbor-boy) staring, as more of her silky slip is showing all the time. As she squats down to a low cabinet, you wonder if she knows that she's now giving you a clear view up her dress. The crotch of her shiny pale blue panties is clearly exposed to you as she twists her knees from one side to the other. Then Sonia gets something on her dress and decides to take it off. Pulling her dress off over her head, she begins revealing the full beauty of her body, wrapped in the silky feminine wonder of her Vanity Fair half-slip and matching lace-front camisole. "I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I?" she asks when she catches you staring. "Do you like my slip?" "Yyyyy-yes. It's pretty!" you stammer in reply. And you can't believe your ears when she says, "Oh, then I'll just bet that you'd like to see my panties too!"
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