Private Lessons (part 1)

Brad's Description
girl-girl pictures white satin panties Ivana was so happy with her English Lesson that she decided to take another private lesson with her teacher, Ms. Sonia. Like the naughty little Czech girl she is, Ivana finds every opportunity to look up Sonia's skirt and down her blouse, fascinated by her teacher's breasts and pretty underthings. And all the while, Ivana keeps exposing her own shiny white satin panties... bending over immodestly, and sitting in an unladylike manner. Realizing Ivana is distracted, Sonia leaves her alone to do some studying. But bored with her studies, now that Ms. Sonia has left the room, Ivana finds some of her teacher's naughty girly magazines and begins looking through them. Soon Ms. Sonia returns and catches Ivana looking at her personal magazines. Now she'll have to teach her naughty student a whole different lesson!
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