Private Lessons (part 2)

Brad's Description
girl-girl pictures satin bra panties lacy garter panties full-fashioned stockings Having caught Ivana looking through her girly magazines, Ms. Sonia decides to teach Ivana a lesson about respect for others' things. Ivana has been peeking up Ms. Sonia's skirt and down her blouse as well as getting into her personal magazines. Sonia says, "Let's see how you like being looked at like an object!" Ms. Sonia then peers down Ivana's blouse and lifts up her skirt, to look at her pretty white satin bra and panties. She removes Ivana's blouse and stands her in the corner for a couple of swats with her bamboo cane. But there are even more lessons to learn! Sonia takes Ivana's skirt off and quickly becomes distracted from the lesson. Soon she too is down to just her bra, lacy garter-panties, full-fashion stockings, and high-heels. And what happens next? We'll see in part 3!
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