Shimmering White Nightgown

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white nylon nightgown, see-through panties, high-heels
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You'll feel as though you're in Sonia's bedroom with her, in this very real very sexy photo set. I shot these pictures as Sonia was getting ready for a fun and sexy night at home. She looked so beautiful in her high-heels, her see-through panties, and her shimmering white nylon nightgown as she was doing her hair and putting on her makeup. So I took out my camera and started shooting some pictures. You'll see that the bed's not made and there is some clutter around the room, so I don't think these will ever be mistaken for professional pictures. But it does give you a glimpse into a bit more of the reality of what it's like to be at home with Sonia. And as you might guess... I'm loving it! :-)
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