Vintage Slip & Shiny Flowered Panties

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vintage nylon slip shiny flowered full-cut brief panties high-heels
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This photo set brings me back to that wonderful time when women wore dresses with slips and high-heels, and men liked it! Sonia is wearing a sexy tight-fitting knee-length dress. From the bottom of her dress you can see that her very pretty vintage nylon slip is showing. She sits on her bed and the strap of her dress falls from her shoulder exposing more of her pretty slip. When she hikes up the hem of her dress, you see the lace tops of her stockings and a peek of her snug fitting shiny flowered panties. Getting ready to lay down for a nap, Sonia slips out of her dress, revealing the beautiful double-layered sheer chiffon slip she's wearing underneath. The sheer slip gives hints of her sensuous panties and shadows of her perfect nipples beneath. Sonia lays down for a nap, and as she sleeps you lift up her slip and take some time to enjoy the sight of her pretty panties. After a while she stirs and gets up to remove her slip going back to sleep in just her panties and high-heels.
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