Truck Stop

Brad's Description
exhibitionist upskirt picture outdoors Sonia pulls into a truck stop wearing a form-fitting yellow mini dress. As she opens the car door, you see that she is wearing ivory colored stay-up stockings and strappy gold pumps. And as she steps out of the car, you see her pretty ivory sheer bikini panties up her dress. After stepping out of the car and giving you some more peeks up her dress and down her top, Sonia sits down on the curb and takes off her shoes and stockings. Then she rubs lotion on her legs and a little on her breasts! After catching the attention of some passers-by, she decides we better move along. So we jumped back on the freeway where we shot the last 7 pictures of the set, as Sonia delighted some of the passing truckers while changing her dress! (Photographer's note: It was very difficult steering the car, aiming the camera, and timing the shots so that I could capture Sonia and the passing trucks in the same frame - and all of this while being distracted by Sonia's "charms!" It's a wonder we survived to tell about it!)
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