White Nylon Briefs

Brad's Description
exhibitionist outdoors in white nylon brief panties stocking garter high-heels This photo set was shot in Las Vegas at the Imperial Palace Hotel. Sonia and I stayed there for our anniversary. It was the hotel we stayed at when we got married. And now... all these years later... we're having more fun than ever! Sonia dressed up for me in this beautiful vintage dress, with tan full-fashion stockings, classic six-inch white pumps, and shimmering white nylon briefs (my personal favorite). She had two similar pairs of white nylon briefs, and at the beginning of the set, she takes off the first pair and trades it for the other. Then, after taking a few shots in our room, we went down the hallway and out on the fire escape where she continued teasing me with her pretty panties... even going as far as to unzip and slip out of her dress, and pose for me on the fire escape in just her panties! Then she took off her panties and put her dress back on. When we went back inside, she posed for some more pictures in the hallway. What's funny is that she stopped in front of someone else's door for these pictures, thinking it was ours! They could have popped out of their door at any moment and given Sonia quite a shock!
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