White Half-Slip

Brad's Description
white half-slip strappy heels brief panties lace bra Sonia is dressed in her sexy little blue and white checkered button-up mini dress. The lace of her white half slip is peeking out the bottom. She lifts the hem of her dress and unbuttons the bottom button of her dress, showing you the pretty lace you've been trying to see. As she unbuttons one more button, you can see her white panties up her slip. And when her dress is fully opened, you finally see the pretty lacey cups of her classic bra. When she stands up and lets her dress drop to the floor, you notice that you can see her panties through the sheer nylon material of her slip. You ask if those are daisies on her panties, and she lifts up her slip to show you the pink and white daisies sewn on the hip of her white briefs.
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