Sheer Pink Panties & Lacy Bra

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upskirt view of see-through panties stockings garter high-heels
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In this series we follow Sonia as she walks up the stairs in her stiletto high-heels carrying a load of panties from the laundry. Watching from below, you have a clear view up her little white skirt at the pretty pink see-through panties she's wearing. Then... woopsie! ...she drops some of the panties and bends over to pick them up, giving an even more spectacular view of her sheer panties and her legs in shimmering nylon stockings. In her bedroom, Sonia slips out of her white mini-skirt and fully reveals her see-through panties and the pretty pink and blue garter that's holding up her stockings. Her full breasts are straining at the confines of her little blue sweater as she slowly unfastens the buttons, revealing her sheer lacy bra. The photoset ends with a great series of close-up pictures of her beautiful breasts both in and out of her bra.
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